Term Limits

Texans in District 13 bring this up a lot because my opponent made it an issue in his original campaign more than two decades ago. To me, then, this is a very specific question about what is perceived as a broken promise. My constituents have my solemn oath that I shall not serve more than four terms in the House. As I am 70 years old today and will not even attempt to serve in Congress in my 80s, this is a promise that comes with a biological and chronological guarantee!

There IS another aspect to term limits that should be addressed, though. It involves the ways in which an entrenched power elite insulates itself from accountability to voters. Personally, I don’t believe that legislatively imposed term limits, in isolation, solves this larger problem – and it might be foolhardy to propose such limits without simultaneously addressing the function of seniority as well as majority in legislative committee assignments.

A much more important first step in solving this larger problem would be to address Gerrymandering.

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