The biggest challenges facing Americans in the job market are automation and outsourcing. But every American with a job is an American who can support local economies by spending money here. If that job pays well, then the support is even stronger.

Therefore, I support measures to strengthen unions and raise the minimum wage, to maintain our astonishing productivity that keeps costs down, and to compete fairly in the world market.

I also believe America is overdue for an investment in infrastructure, and I would support a bill that rebuilds America’s roads and bridges and brings high-speed internet access to every home in America.

I also support subsidizing renewable energy sources to enable easy market entry and rapid development of technology.

We need to foster a new principle that governs not only our politics but our business: The notion of “good corporate citizenship” – wherein corporations and our government share in the belief that, since all Americans are in this together, there is no long-term benefit in exploiting one sector of our people to enrich another. I believe we can create a regulatory framework that encourages this attitude, and I believe it begins with a political tradition of engaging and respecting the voices of everyone we represent.

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