Immigration Reform and DACA

We are a nation of immigrants – immigrants who arrived with a thirst for America’s opportunity and a sense of awe at her natural splendor. Immigrants who sought liberty, who sought prosperity, or who sought refuge from political persecution. These remain the primary motivators for today’s immigrants, too. The overwhelming majority of immigrants come to America with a powerful work ethic and a rock-solid resolve to live by America’s laws and customs and contribute to her security and welfare. It is both gravely insulting and grossly self-defeating to demonize any immigrants because of their country of origin, their religion, their color, language or customs. America depends on immigrants to sustain our economy, and most immigrants come with skills and abilities our economy needs – particularly Dreamers, many of whom have lived their entire lives here and know no other language, law or way of life.

I support comprehensive immigration reform that recognizes how every arriving immigrant is also a market for American goods and services, since they must eat, work and sleep here, and establishes an accelerated path to full citizenship for Dreamers.

I will do everything in my power to prevent or halt construction on the stupid, wasteful and ultimately futile southern border wall that will be billed to America and not to Mexico.

Paid for by the Greg Sagan for Congress Committee.