I favor universal, single-payer health care. As a matter of fact, this is the fiscally conservative position because competition in the health care industry (including health insurance) drives costs higher rather than lower. A LOT higher. As a society, Americans currently pay over $1 trillion more for health care every year than we have to, and on average our outcomes are worse than in most other advanced nations.

The so-called “public option,” which includes the existing Affordable Care Act so despised by Republicans, is a problem in itself. It places the government in competition with private health insurance companies, and it does it in a way that gives the government-sponsored health insurance an advantage that private insurance companies will not abide. Since competition, even between the government and the private insurance industry, drives health care costs up, this half-measure retains the worst feature of our current inefficient system – ever increasing health care costs – without the benefit of a true single-payer system – universal coverage.

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