Decline in governmental ethics, honesty, civility

People I’ve spoken with in this District are disgusted at the level of insult, false accusation and sneering arrogance to which our public discourse has descended. What we are seeing and hearing from our leaders is a mixture of belittling criticisms, appeals to emotion, and reinforcement of bigotry’s most outrageous claims.

I can’t make every other politician run a campaign of ideas, facts and rational process. What I can do is run a campaign that respects and honors my opponent and that refuses to make personal attacks on him or his family.

This I will do.

My campaign is about what Texans need, about public policy issues, and about solutions to large-scale problems.

Maybe my example will catch on, maybe it won’t. But the only kind of campaign I want to run is the kind I can tell my grandchildren about without having to apologize for violating important principles I tried to teach them.

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