Cost of Higher Education

The cost of higher education is rising faster than most people’s ability to afford it. The government could do something to help average families meet these costs, and in fact the Obama administration took a number of encouraging steps to keep college within the reach of all Americans. But under the Trump administration many of these initiatives are either dying of neglect or being slain by the Department of Education.

Republicans now view college as a necessity for their own children and a destructive influence on everyone else’s. They have even gone so far as to reverse 150 years of social philosophy to claim that higher education is a liability. From reducing the funds available for tuition assistance to employing more rapacious tactics for collecting on student loans, the Republicans in power today have signaled that Americans can no longer look to the government for assistance in getting an education.

This is wrong. This is repugnant. This is outrageous. This must stop.

I believe it is an American imperative to not only encourage education and critical thinking skills but also to pay for this education as an economic necessity. And for those who do not want or who cannot qualify for a college degree we should provide the same level of support for training in technical skills.

Paid for by the Greg Sagan for Congress Committee.